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Stealing the Trade & The Fake Buyer

In the post titled “VIDEO: Undercover Car Salesman” he explained how a dishonest car salesman would “steal the trade” by making a fake phone call to their used car buyer (in front of the customer), followed by the statement that their model isn’t selling very well. This is done to convince the customer that their trade-in is worth thousands of dollars less than its true value.

A variation of this trick is when a customer is having second thoughts about buying, so another salesperson (or manager) calls that salesperson in the presence of the customer, pretending to have another customer who wants to buy that car today. (Of course, its the only one available in that color.) The real customer is then tricked into buying immediately rather than losing the car to the other (fake) customer. If a salesperson tries this trick on you, just get up and leave. As you’re walking out, say “Let the other guy have it, I don’t want it.” (Note: If you still want the car, call back one or two days later and ask a different salesperson if they still have that car.)

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