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Auto Mechanics Book Cover

Featured on ABC & CBS TV!

"...keep the book as a reference."

"Best we've read on this subject..."

By consumer advocate & auto expert Mark Eskeldson


Consumers spend over $20 billion a year on unnecessary repairs. If you don't want to be part of this statistic, then you need to learn the secrets revealed in What Auto Mechanics Don't Want You to Know.

Auto Repair Scams--


Caribbean cruises and $10,000 cash prizes for managers...
$500 per day quotas for mechanics...
Undercover investigations of Sears, Aamco, Midas, Goodyear...

Deceptive advertising...Bait & switch tactics...Outright fraud...Did you know that sales commissions, contests, and quotas have been widely used in many "big-name" companies, or that their mechanics were threatened with termination for not meeting their sales quotas? In this book, you'll read about many well-known companies that have been charged with fraudulent business practices following undercover investigations. You'll also learn how to spot and avoid repair scams...who to call when you need to identify incompetent mechanics and the ones who can be to maintain your car...and much more!

Secret Warranties: Free Repairs--


Engines...Transmissions...Paint...Shocks & Struts...Brakes...
Exhaust Systems...Air Conditioning...Accessories...Electrical Systems...
Computers...Fuel Systems...Steering....and more!

Hundreds of items are often covered by secret warranties, but vehicle owners end up paying for the repairs because they don't know how to get them done for free. Few mechanics are aware of more than three or four covered items, so even if they wanted their customers to know about all of them, they just don't have the information. The car manufacturers don't want people (including their own dealers) to know these exist, which is why they're called "secret warranties." You'll learn how to get up-to-date information. Vehicle owners can also get refunds for covered repairs that were done in the past!

What Auto Mechanics Don't Want You to Know (4e)

"Must reading for every motorist...protect yourself, read the book."
--CAR CARE CENTER, Sacramento, CA

Table of Contents:
  1. Chain Store Scandals; Who Can You Trust?
  2. Brake Bandits & Brake Jobs
  3. Tire & Auto Centers
  4. Tune-up Shops
  5. Muffler Shops
  6. Department Store Auto Centers
  7. Dealership Service Departments
  8. Transmission Shops
  9. Service Stations; Robbery on the Interstate
  10. Body Shop Scams: The Invisible Fraud
  11. Smog & Safety Inspections
  12. Lube & Oil Shops
  13. Avoiding Rip-offs; Getting Your Money Back
  14. Agencies: Who to Call
  15. Finding Mechanics You Can Trust
  16. Secret Warranties: How to Get Free Repairs
  17. Vehicle Maintenance "Secrets"
  18. Are Chain Stores Cleaning Up Their Act?
"Mechanics" Book Cover

Paperback, 206 pages
Published September, 1998
Discounted price: 20% off!

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