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Car Dealer Book Cover

What Car Dealers
Don't Want You to Know (3e)

"...a valuable addition to any consumer's library."

Featured on ABC & CBS TV!

By consumer advocate & auto expert Mark Eskeldson


Would you rather have a root canal than negotiate with a car salesman? If so, what should you do? Pay retail just to avoid the hassle? Or is there an easy way to buy a new car for the lowest possible price? Should you buy or lease? What's the real dealer's cost on a car--and how much should you offer to pay? What's a good price on an extended warranty, or should you even buy one?
The answers to these questions--and many more--can be found in the ultimate "buyer's book," What Car Dealers Don't Want You to Know. You'll not only learn the dirty tricks used every day to rip off unsuspecting buyers, but you'll also learn how to buy new cars at big discounts. Smart buyers do this all the time--and that's what the dealers don't want you to know.

Leasing: The New Car Scam of the 90s?

In February of 1995, ABC's PrimeTime Live did a show on auto leasing titled, "The Best Deal?" A female reporter went undercover, with a hidden camera, to see what would happen to several female "buyers" when they went shopping for new cars. Their stories, along with video-taped conversations with salesmen, revealed outrageous attempts to mislead and overcharge on new-car leases.
Out of ten dealers that were visited, five tried to talk shoppers into leasing instead of buying. The undercover shoppers were offered leases that sounded great--lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, and less money down. However, when the leasing deals were analyzed by several experts, a number of attempted overcharges were discovered: $2,100 on one lease, then $2,600 on another one, $3,000 on a third, and a whopping $7,500 on a fourth. Five leasing deals were offered to the shoppers and all five contained attempted overcharges totaling $26,400.
Were these just isolated cases, or part of a much bigger problem? According to Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth, it's a national problem. A two-year investigation into leasing fraud by his office found flagrant rip-offs in several thousand leases. As a result of that investigation, a major new-car distributor and fifty-five dealers in that state agreed to set up a $4.5 million restitution fund to settle complaints regarding past leasing practices. Similar investigations are under way in other states.

Car Buying Secrets--

Learn how much--or how little--people are actually paying for the same car and how to buy it yourself at a big discount. Of course, you'll also learn the truth about "dealer's cost," which is often less (sometimes much less) than "dealer invoice." Resources are listed for all the information you need to get the best deal on the right car.
For those of you who hate negotiating, you'll also learn which car buying service consistently gets better deals than the others. (For their customers, getting new cars at--or even below--dealer invoice is fairly common.)

Extended Warranty Secrets--

You might think a dealer's price for an extended warranty is too high, but how do you know what it's really worth? Many people have paid $1,500 to $2,500 (or more) for warranties that may have cost the dealer as little as $300. Worse yet, some people are sold "Brand X" warranties for $1,000 to $2,000 that turn out to be worthless when they try to use them.
In this book, you'll learn the dealer's cost on many popular factory warranties--and where to buy them at big discounts (often around $400 to $800). Included: All Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles, all GM vehicles (except Saturn), all Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth/Jeep/Eagle vehicles, all Nissan vehicles, and all Toyota vehicles. Reliable and inexpensive (insurance-backed) warranty information is also included for all new and used vehicles, usually priced around $400 to $600 with low deductibles.

What Car Dealers Don't Want You to Know (3e)

If you don't know the secrets revealed in this book,
you will pay too much for your next new car or truck.

Table of Contents
  1. Leasing: The New Car Scam of the 90s
  2. When Leasing Makes Sense; What It Should Cost
  3. The Truth About "Dealer Cost"
  4. "The System": How Dealers Make Money
  5. Tricks Salesmen Use
  6. Extended Warranties: Extra Protection or Extra Profits?
  7. Financing: Facts & Fallacies
  8. Your Old Car: Trade-in Tips
  9. One-Price & "No-Haggle" Dealers
  10. Timing is Everything: When to Buy
  11. Homework for Car Buyers
  12. How to Negotiate
  13. CarBargains: A Shortcut to Savings
  14. Auto Brokers, Car Buying Services, & Membership Clubs
  15. Your New Car: Taking Delivery
  16. Complaints, Lemon Laws, & Other Recourse
  17. Tips for Used-Car Buyers
  18. What Insiders Have Said
  19. Dealers & The Media: Blackmail or Censorship?
  • Worksheets
  • Payment Tables
Car Dealer Book Cover

Paperback, 202 pages
Published September, 2000
Discounted price: 20% off!

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